GS: Don't blame us

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  2. Their PR machine keeps trying, in April 2010! Impressive, since it's been a year and a half since the crisis. You know, quite a few people said that GS would have failed if they didn't receive the bailout, there was nothing that smart about them.

    And then of course, their products were intentionally designed to be bad and Wall Street in general sees nothing wrong with taking advantage of its customers. That is a problem so deep they can't even admit it.
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    Go go gadget internet free speech!
  4. peal back another layer will ya
  5. GS: Don't blame us

    In other words:

    Sue me, indict me, otherwise shut the hell up.

    "Officials say that several times the Justice Dept. has requested information soon after negative stories have appeared in the press."

    Which apparently result in nothing and never will.

    Imo, The main reason is the gov't is complicit in the entire charade. The GSE's supplied the crack, Wall Street just sold the stuff.
  6. bada bing bada boom.

    NEW YORK - CBS News reported late Friday that Joseph Cassano, the former AIG executive closely linked with the giant insurer's near collapse in September 2008, will meet with U.S. Justice Department attorneys next week in what will probably end the two-year criminal investigation into the company -- with no criminal charges likely to be filed.

    (ditto on Lehman.. all paths lead back to gov't policy)