GS bullshit scare tactic

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    Really? GS not only implies that the only reason the Economy and Markets are up is due to GOV SPENDING! That underneath the layers of lies about a recovery.....the truth is.....the PRINTING PRESS IS KEEPING THINGS ALIVE.

    This is the same GS that:

    Received Billions under Tarp.
    Contributed millions to Obama.
    Same GS that have former Leaders in Treasury and the FED?

    So, GS post a article on CNBC about Dire Consequences of any 'Reduction" or drastic Reduction in Spending right now.

    So, kick the can down the road for younger generations of future years to live in poverty and have nothing but the GOV's TIT to suck on , LIKE GS DOES.

    I have had lost respect for GS years ago and now I know they are nothing but one big Socialist Corporation sucking up to the Sum Liberals and Old party Republican idiots, no doubt in my mind.
  2. Definitely a political article.
  3. This is silly... This is an analysis written by an economist that you haven't actually read. Yet you believe that it's bullshit. Why? 'Cause it was written by a Goldman economist? Because the analysis doesn't agree with your view?

    Moreover, you have no doubt noticed that this is CNBC quoting the FT, who are in turn quoting the piece written by Phillips, the Goldman eco. So how is this Goldman posting an article on CNBC?

    So maybe the analysis is biased, maybe it ain't, but surely you need to read it to decide?
  4. achilles28


    That the economy and markets are up is due to Government spending is 100% true.
  5. Ok I've read it
    It's a complete BS
  6. What have you read, precisely? And what is the reason it's a "complete BS"?