GS broke out

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  1. Ascending triple top broke out today. Buffet purchased shares at $115. He will get his money back.

    GS has traders that can manipulate stock prices.
    CFO said will give TARP money back, good sign.
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    i think the shorting of bank stocks are real clear example of how bad shorting can do to the economy and corporations.

    first the depress stock price caused by 10:1 leverage shorting, you need capital to short too and only professional have 10:1 or naked shorting, you don't need any capital or shares to short.

    first bank stocks like bank of amercia and citigroup ar e real companies that have thousands of jobs.

    the media etc saying all this bank run can seriously harm the reputation and shareholder confidence and threshold where they must sell as stocks under $10 or margin calls break as price of stocks break down.

    i'm serious they gonna to really crack down on abusive shorting by market makers brokers and professionals who have 10:1 shorting margins. this is hurting the economy when big corporations fail from job losses.

  3. funny how its always the shorts, not the morons who ran the company into the toliet.

    There is no reason to own common stock in any financial right now. none.
  4. So do you think that Bank of America or Citibank's share price should be higher? What do you think fair-value is for corporations that have asked and received multi tens of billions of dollars of tax payer money?

    Was it the short-sellers that caused these corporations to ask for these loans?

  5. GS Chart with ABC projections...

    Not completely out of woods yet, but could reach $103-$116 on any continued rally.

    Today is the first day close above previous swing high ($92.20) for breakout... I will watch for close below today's low ($86.26) for false breakout.



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    bought this thing at 62. i was nervous and almost believed it was going to go under, but then i realized it was GS.
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    very interesting today on GS!
  8. GS is going to $950 soon, my friends. Buy now before it's too late. GS is the best, most profitable investment bank in the world. Nobody can beat Goldman Sachs. They don't need to sell $2billion non-FDIC notes to pay back TARP because GS is very profitable.

    GS never used taxpayers money to pay for bonuses either because GS is very profitable. GS also never loots taxpayers. I worship you and your bait, GS traders. GS level 3 assets are also the cleanest of all investment bank, and thus it will not go bankrupt. We have Paulson and Timmy to help GS, no worry. Going to da moon.
  9. I agree on break out confirmation. It's a good idea to enter a position on pullback to confirm b/o.

    This is a bipolar market (bipoBar). Fundamental can charts in a second. Look at DIA broke above 9000. That was a fake.

    Monday will tell us a lot more after the job report tomorrow.

    I pray for the economy to get better. I'm sad to see so many people suffering, including my love ones.

    Happy trading.
  10. Option situation telling me GS is not going to close above 100 USD anytime soon. Excellent shorting opportunity. Citi not closing above 4 USD.

    Have fun !
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