GS, BAC, WFC, C, JPM, MS earnings expectation Q2 2009

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  1. when r these mofo reporting earning exact week or date if possible.
  2. Expected Report Date

    GS = 07/14/09

    JPM = 07/16/09

    MS = 07/20/09

    WFC = 07/22/09

    C = 07/17/09

    BAC = 07/17/09

    Remember last quarter when certain banks hurried ahead with their earnings announcements...! Especially WFC ! :)

    GS countdown...tick, tick, tick...:D
  3. Thanks a lot : - )
    Hopefully my financial portfolio will see some major move in july since everything i own is financials
  4. Go to you dope. All the info you'll ever need.
  5. S2007S


    Lets see how many banks report earnings ahead of schedule just to give everyone who believes this crisis is over some hope of a turnaround.

  6. Illum


    Well heard MS will probably be a loss. This is being priced in right now. No one is going to be surprised when it actually hits. This week should be the trade, not a couple of week from now.

    Looking at MS, it has already taken out June rally. Will see how much more this week. So the extra rally in June does not match with earnings or future potential. Always be careful of Timmy helping out the croonies.

    What I think, it's still a short probably next week, at some point soon it will reach where it should. Even if it pretty bad, Timmy will have a nice package ready. Watch for PPIP, possible expansion. They are floating it now 3 weeks away.

    What could happen? They go down for a week or two. Earnings are indeed pretty bad, but they rip up. 1) Because they oversell 2) Nice new govt program. Not sayin to play both sides, but if looking to short. Try now and be done soon.