GS and AAPL earnings tomorrow!!!

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    Have no fear, both companies will deliver as usual great earnings, when has goldman ever disappointed anyone, haha. I mean that whole sec episode is done with. No one cares how they cheated investors again and manipulate markets to their liking.

    When has apple ever missed, they love to under promise and over deliver as usual, they usually beat their "OWN" outlook by an average of 23%.

    Goldman Sachs will report earnings per share of $4.06 on revenues of $11.1 billion. Goldman Sachs, one of the few banks to emerge from the financial crisis with minimal damage, is expected to build on its past success with another solid quarter. Sales & Trading continues to contribute to a large portion of Goldman’s revenues. Its Asset Management division is expected to show increased revenues over last quarter as well. GS closed at $184.27 Thursday. For additional information on about the risks and upsides to investing in GS, download our free GS trading report.

    I think GS earnings come in well above, $4.75-$5.00 and revenues should easily beat the $11.1 billion estimate as well.

    AS for AAPL

    $2.43 per share, according to Thomson Reuters.

    Revenue is predicted to surge 47.4% to $12.03 billion.

    Iphone sales predicited to be around 6.8-7 million units, Apple said a few weeks ago it already sold 50 million Iphones to date meaning that sales for the March quarter stand at around 7 million units.

    Mac sales are expected to reach 2.7 million units for the quarter.

    Ipod sales are expected to DROP significantly from last year to 9 million units from 11 million.

    Analysts widely expect Apple's forecast to be highly conservative, even below current Wall Street estimates, which call for earnings of $2.67 per share on revenue of $12.8 billion.

    Sacconaghi of Bernstein noted that has an average guidance of about 14.3% below the Street's earnings estimates for the last 10 quarters--and later beats its own outlook by an average of 23.4% in that same period.
  2. GS = strong sell after earnings release.
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    Can anyone think of a (plausible) reason as to why Apple would deliberately leak its next-generation iPhone prototype the day before earnings?
  4. Short squeeze initiated by the I-Bank backing Apple. to unload long positions ..?:cool:
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    And another bank blows way past wallstreets estimate as usual!!! I guess the taxpayer should receive some kind of year end bonus for helping bailout the entire industry. Unfuckingreal!!!!

    The company reported earnings per share of $5.59 in the period, compared with estimates of $4.01. Revenue was $12.78 billion, versus estimates of $11.07 billion by analysts polled by ThomsonReuters.
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    I heard it could be a media stunt job. What kid leaves a prototype apple iphone in a bar in California and forgets it. You would think apple would automatically place a tracer on it due to the fact of how secretive apple is before releasing products.
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    i agree. i'm just trying to understand the timing of it. my assumption (assuming it's not a goof-up), is that apple would time this to the nanosecond ...