GS a short here at 212.95

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mvic, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Mvic


    Taking a nibble. Looks like short covering is done and current level unsustainable.
  2. Almost back to 52 week high

    to make money buy the dips
  3. AC3


    The worst, if you can call it that is behind this stock ... 234 isn't that far off.... Full disclosure I'm talking my book
  4. Mvic


    You could well be right, not going to let this trade go too far against me before getting out.
  5. GS will go down hard in October with other brokers as other shady dealings pop up.

    9/24/2007 2:58 PM Buy_To_Open Put GPY WT 21 $4.70 $9,926.74
  6. Nope I woudn't buy puts on GS

    BSC maybe, but not GS

    Once the momo gets behind GS it just keeps going higher especially now that the subprime thingy has ended and skies are clear.
  7. A 2.9 million+ share GS trade went though 10 minutes ago, price 210.88

    thatsa lotsa money