Gryphon Financial-- Soros reccomendation??

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  1. Is this for real? Does anyone know anything about this operation?

    On January 1, 2007 the traders of Gryphon Hedge Fund Partners, LLC opened their doors to the individual investor. The traders here firmly believe the key to success in the market is information, and more importantly how to put the information to work. Located in the heart of the Financial World at 110 Wall St., 11th Floor, New York, NY 10005, the traders here have been tearing up Wall Street since 1991.

    Since 1991 “The 10” as they're called in the circles of high finance have been pulling more money out of Wall Street than any other traders to date.

    “Alone the traders of Gryphon Financial are incredible, together the are unstoppable” - George Soros
  2. I just got an email from them for an options service, never heard of them before.

    Sounds too good to be true, so what is the rule?

    I generally is.
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    Sounds like a lie
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    Kenneth Maseka

    Phony accounts.I first came in contact with Gryphon Financial wjen I signed up for their newletter. I then joined one of their memberships 'the Newsletter' in which they advertised 100% profits in 3 mos. or less. I then joined several on their other memberships all costing less than $100.00 per year. This was in Mar/April 2007.

    In early April 2007 Gryphon Financial's representative Mr. Bolton Anderson phone me several times to talk to me personally. Mr. Anderson asked me on on of the phone calls if I would be interested in having the CEO of Gryphon Financial Mr. Kenneth Maseka do trades for me. Mr. Anderson went on to explain an account would be opened in my name and all profits would be deposited in this account.

    Foolishly I agreed to this and spoke personally to Mr. Maseka or someone who said that he was Mr. Maseka. Mr. Maseka said that he could guarantee to double my money in 3 mos. and the minimum amount to open an acct. would be $5000.00 U.S. Mr. Maseka went on to say that he made millions in the stock market and even the secretary made $600000 trading some stock called 'ice'. I even spoke to the secretary and she confirmed to me that she did make that money.

    I sent the money by wire transfer to Gryphon Holdings 67 Wall St. New York NY. on April 26 2007. There was no email confirming I sent the money, but they did acknowledge that they got it.

    In July 2007 I tried phoning Gryphon Financial to speak to Mr. Maseka only to be told that he was not in or he was busy and he would get back to me. I began to get a little worried at that point.

    I then edited my membership profile and was stunned to learn that my $5000 was now showing up in one of the programs that I had already paid for.

    I immediately sent them an email saying that there was an error as I had already paid for the membership before I had sent the wire transfer and to send me a refund of my $5000. I was told that I had signed up for this program at the full price and there would be no refunds at all. I was then told that the $5000 was the membership fee for Mr. Maseka's 'private play' series.
    I was then told by Mr. Maseka that the $5000 was a down paymemt for his 'private play ' series for which he charges $20000 a Year! I still asked for a refund but again was told that there would be no refunds at all.

    I am extremely dis-satisfied with this co. and their unscrupulous and devious methods used to lure customers for their own gain. I feel very foolish for trusting Mr. Anderson as it was him for initializing my contact with Mr. Maseka. Mr. Anderson was very personable on the phone and seemed sincere. Do not be the victim as I was. Warn everybody about this company.

    Victoria, British Columbia