Grrr.. Slanted headline: Jobless benefits to expire as Congress "fails to act"

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    The headline:
    Jobless benefits to expire as Congress fails to act

    Empasis mine. This is from Reuters, not some little fringe organization. From the article:

    "Republican Senator Tom Coburn blocked the Senate from voting to extend the program on the grounds its $9.2 billion cost should not add to the deficit."

    Why is the headline not "Republicans take a stand against ballooning deficit"? The liberal media's propaganda machine is fast at work, that's why.
  2. I agree the liberal media is as useful as Al Gore.

    Maybe the unemployed will have incentive to work again?
  3. olias


    that's a very fair point. It's ridiculously biased
  4. Repeat after me:

    "There is no liberal media bias"

    "Capitalism is evil and destroying the planet"

    "Bush lied, people died..."

    "Hope and change, hope and change"