GRPN seems a good short today

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Market has almost topped today and almost every stock is rallying. GRPN has failed to do so and is trading at 7.05 now. I believe GRPN is a very good candidate for shorting. It can easily drop to $6.40 and below as it has done before.GRPN is down in an up day, What will happen when the market retreats?
  2. I still say GRPN is a short. Since my yesterday's post, GRPN has gone up and that is because the shares are not available to short (temporarily). I don't change my outlook on a stock when it moves a little against me. All things said, I like to trade in perfection that is impossible.
    GRPN volume is comparatively low and is very volatile and can easily drop below 7 in half an hour.
  3. Don't want to make a new thread for Sprint.
    Sprint (S) is trading at $4.52 now. It is a short at this level. Cover price is $4.30
  4. GRPN longs should be punished more. From 7.50 in the morning, it has dropped to 6.93 now. Lots of rooms to go down. I am not covering it now.
    Don't forget that S is an ultra 100% pure short. It is trading at $4.55. Once in a while S pops up and then it drops to $3 where it belongs.
  5. Covered GRPN at 6.76 today.

    Here are my short list now: S, ADI, ALTR, FB, SPY
    Long : TZA