GRPN lock up period expiration on 6/1

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  1. Anybody in on this? With more than 90% (581 mill) of the shares held by insiders, Friday will be very interesting to say the least.

    I believe it could drop a buck if just 5-10% cashed out on Friday. I don't expect a massive exit as that would kill the price and insiders wouldn't really want that do they? Plus there are still some hopeful longs believing that the company could turn around and that include the top honchos when they rejected the $5.75 billion Google bid.

    So it's head you're break even and tail you win scenario. It may bounce back after this shock but that's the story for next week and beyond.
  2. The pre-IPO secondary market for these stocks is now substantial enough that it really muddies the water on what can happen next.

    The big insiders have, more than likely, already (effectively) cashed out a fair chunk.
  3. I don't expect a big crash but a nice little dip will do just fine. It could be that most factors have been "priced in" and Friday could be just like any other days. However, recent tech stocks like LNKD and P have dipped on that very day but they eventually would rebound.
  4. You may well be right. I have no clear sense of what "should" happen and no dog in the fight, so I'll be rooting for you from the sidelines.

  5. Thanks, but I'm still on the sideline. Might consider a "small position" if PA "act" right.
  6. "The stock market.........

    a legal venue for a banksta and his crew to dump an over hyped IPO at triple the value to a group of retail muppets....”

    GRPN cliff diver.

    big money is dumping it


    30 pesos to 10 in change.

    sounds about right.

    face puke lockup expiry is going to be nasty.............:)

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  8. LNKD, GRPN, and FB are secondary companies which has inferior links to governments. Sick puppies with tons of fleas.
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    I believe TODAY will be a great day to short GRPN. It has become fat and chubby again. Check out their website and the things that they sell. It is so pathetic. I know that they are not in the same business but it has the half the market value of ALTERA !!!.
    oOver 60 cents per share loss. It is a money burning machine.
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    Well, so far it is up 3.4%. Or did you mean to short the upgap?
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