Growth Of Government

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    I wonder if his numbers are correct. He says there are 19.2 million State and Local Government employees. How many Federal employees are there? Just how big is The USA Government?

    In comparison:

    Rank Company 2006 Number of Employees
    1 Wal-Mart Stores 1,900,000
    2 McDonald's 465,000
    3 United Parcel Service 428,000
    4 Intl. Business Machines 355,766
    5 Sears Holdings 352,000

  2. Looking at that web page isn't it obvious the guy has an axe to grind? I don't take data from strongly biased web sites because you don't know how the data has been altered, spun, sliced or diced to fit the author's agenda.

    Here's a table of official job numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

    It shows that jobs in the U.S. are about 85% private sector and 15% government (fed, state and local). Government jobs grow at about 1.5% rate per year. Several industries (healthcare, professional services, educational services) grew at a faster rate than government.

    State and local government jobs outnumber federal government jobs by a 7 to 1 ratio. Isn't that a good thing? Local governing is better than federal governing...
  3. The govt says there are 145 million jobs....if 85% are privite and 15% are public that is alnost 22 million govt jobs.

    That is a lot of pensions to be paid....The govt will soon have the same problem GM and Ford have with retires....But the Govt. can't screw people out of their pensions.

    Right now the unions have the Govt by the balls and they know the govt is too weak to fight back...The govt. has by far the most union members
  4. LMAO Are you kidding me? It's the otherway around. Unions have no power in the federal government. Union bosses' balls have been literally removed from their sac and mutilated before being eaten by the rich and powerful in Washington. It's a whole other story for local governments, and they are gonna fall on hardtimes soon.

    Also thanks to inflation, Fed government will never run out of resources to pay the pensions that it wants to pay. (Others can be cancelled at a stroke of a pen). Government can simply print dollars and index pensions to inflation.