Growing up Catholic

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  1. Anybody got any interesting stories about growing up Catholic, and the crap we had to endure when we were alone with the Priests and Nuns? My Grandfather was a Sexton of the Church, and I have a ton of them about the goings on.

    I just know how traumatized I am over Catholo Catholociz Catholocis being a Catholic, I should say ex-Catholic, that I wondered how you guys felt. I should say, this is in the fifties, and it was pretty dark stuff.

    When I was five, I was so frightened, my dad pulled me out for the year. I wouldn't go to sleep at night, I was so afraid of going to hell. I mean, what the hell could you do at five that could send you to hell. That guy with Mary Jo Lateaurno was 13, and you could easily forgive him for that. Well, maybe not Mary Jo, She was sort of a dog, but the hot blonds anyway.

    Give. Please, none of those horrible molestation things. I'm just talking about the rubber hose on the back of the legs, or rulers to the knuckles, the fear of eternal damnation at six, that sort of stuff. We'll keep it light.
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    yeah I was with a priest once,

    oh man was it GOOD

    LOL :D :D :D

    seriously though, what kind of person starts a thread like this

    don't make me start a thread on every major religion


    anyone grow up muslim, bending over 5 times per day for a local mulah

    oh right they don't do that, they only rape a woman and then put her on trial for being a whore
    (not a frakin joke, look it up, Saudi Arabia)
  3. ============
    Went to private and public schools growing up;
    and they read /made us memozize King James Version in both public /private schools.

    And spared not the rod/paddle; no wonder we had no shootings in school, but we had 10 commandments in both public/private schools.

    Got saved at 7 years old,its the best time to get saved/born again/born from above;
    easier to learn & memorize when you are a kid.:cool:

    Rap on knuckles , got it easy;
    we had leather straps used on us, we deserved it , and those 2 handed hard wood paddlles .That helps you repent[change]

    murray TT:D
  4. what kind of person starts a thread like this? One who realizes what a disaster this outfit is.

    The funny is in Delray Beach Fla. They had two priests, one after the other. The first owns a pub in Ireland. that plus a bunch of other shit. The guy who followed him, STOLE FROM THE PLATE AND ONE OF THE THINGS HE DID WAS PAY FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND'S SONS TUITION. Thank God it was a Catholic school.

    A buddy of mine tells a story of a nun who was going to hit him with a ruler. Rulers were big back then. He warned her. She tried anyway. He took it from her, hit her in the head so hard, she collapsed to the floor. That was the end of his Catholic education. Like another guy I know who, with his brother, put lipstick on a statue of the Virgin.
  5. "Religion is regarded by the common man as true, the wise man as false, and the rulers as useful."

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    and " A professed lack of belief in God is the badge of every pseudo intellectual."

  7. that is why they are intellectual, they are right.

    "I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology".Thomas Jefferson
  8. It takes a pseudo intellectual to judge another.
  9. Richard Pryor started a bit with:

    "Religion fucked a lot a people up.............."

    How can you argue with that?

    Playing golf one day with a guy I never met. Another guy hit a bad shot, said "goddam it". This is like the seventh hole. The guy I"m ridin' with says.....

    "isn't it just like the non believers to be the first to blaspheme.?"

    I said, "ok, ok. What was it ? Booze, drugs women? All you Bible thumpers got something going on."

    Not missing a beat, "Women. I beat 'em up, missused them, I was a mess."

    "Nice. Now leave me the fuck alone. Ive been married 25 years, granted, took me two times, but I'm fine. Go save somebody else." Not Catholic, but All these guys are messed up in their past. I don't know what's out ther, but I figure if I treat you right, that ought to count for something.

    And who wants 72 virgins? Aren't you thinking, after about ten, that you wouldn't like a pro? "Do I have to explain this again?"
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    I would say that Jefferson was a real intellectual although that does not mean his beliefs were always correct.

    By the way real intellectuals would not be offended by my statement as some of them believe and some do not.
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