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    I am starting this journal to give myself accountability and keep track of my progress in growing my account. I will post sceenshots of my progress along with my position size.
    Please do not post any disparaging comments in this journal.
    My main problem is that I sell too early and this is something I need to work on.
    Here goes for today:
    Position size: $1896
    Profit: $24 or 1.2%
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  2. If there is no 3rd party to hold you accountable (like clients or a boss), it's IMPORTANT that you "hold yourself accountable"... for trades you did poorly, for trades you missed, for stop discipline not exercised, etc.

    IOW... at the end of each month, give yourself a "report card"... and strive to do better on things you fell short.
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  4. Try to view the overall picture, and reasoning, of things.

    Imagine you are viewing the chart in hindsight,'s amazing, how crystal clear...things are in hindsight...if only you didn't let your mind run in a million different directions at the then present moment, :confused:, :wtf:

    Try to apply that relaxed, calm hindsight wisdom and logic and the current, real-time, environment.

    You sound like you have an inferior trader should watch Mark Douglas videos on Youtube...that's his help traders overcome their weak psychological mindsets.
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  5. I made a disciple out of you, Loogie! Before long you will be as good a trader as me!
  6. What are the sortino or sharp ratios of your portfolio?
  7. rin4net,

    Good luck! Put the trolls on ignore (you probably know who they are) to make the journal experience better.

    Regarding selling too early, do not beat yourself up on that too much. Selling too early is usually a thought people come to after the price history has played out and they look the charts later. I recommend choosing an exit strategy and consistently executing your exit plan. If your trade ends up running further in the direction of the trade, so be it.
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  8. The screen shot you post shows a different account value than what you write: 34,226 versus 1896 USD. Why is there such a difference?
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    @MidwesternTrader ,
    That is a good suggestion, I will put the trolls on ignore. And thank you for your encouragement, I need to work on sticking to my strategy. It is just that when I make a small profit there is an overwhelming urge to sell that is hard to fight. I think I will overcome this with enough practice.
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