Growing funds at 20% monthly in FX using ATS

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  1. Yesterday had more sideways trading, I put on two shorts by myself, one was stoped out at -25 pips and the other was closed for +43 or so. The program was trading ok until late last night, when it stopped executing signals. I will try to resolve the issue before next week starts. It seems that 30 min is much better to trade, since it seems to capture same sized moves with much less whippy action and stop outs. However, under testing I know that even in 30 Min I have counted 7 30 pip stop outs in a row so that fact seems a bit inevitable. So we shall see next week

    These are yeserday's trades:
    SHORT @ 12:30 pm @ 1.5760 (-25 PIPS)
    SHORT (30K) @ 4:15 AM @ 1.5743 (+43) COVERED ON LIMIT AT .5700

    LONG @3:45 PM @1.5789 (- 2PIPS)
    SHORT @ 6:30 PM @ 1.5787 (-20 PIPS)
    SHORT @ 4:15 AM @1.5754 (-25 PIPS) (I entered short for the prog)

    Totals pips: -29 Acct is at about 3320.

    Running count of 30 min signals this week so far: -30 , -30 , +50, +131, -30, +46, -30
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  2. I just wanted to post some 30 and 15 min signals generated this week.
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  3. Traded 30 min signal yesterday:

    LONG @ 5:30 PM @ 1.5730 (-30)
    Stopped out at 3:00 AM @ 1.5700

    pips: -30

    acct 3235

    PnL for the week= 0, 0% return

    Overall a crappy week, I think I missed some good opportunities, I have higher expectations for next week as the euro looks to resume a s sharp downward correction. I will post blotters later.
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  4. FX is hard for trading because of time issue it takes a lot of time for trends to develop on 30 min 1 hr 4 hr charts... good luck to you
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  5. Absolutely true, however once trends develop on slightly larger timescales they tend to have more follow-through than small time scales where pure randomness can start throwing off results. Originally, my prog was made to run either 30 min or 1 hour charts, but on eur.usd it can even run on 15 min bars since this most liquid pair has the least whippinness. Trying the same on usd.cad has cost me 800 dollars in 36 hours due to incessent fluctuations.

    For whippier pairs like usd.jpy, usd.cad and usd.gpy only one hour or longer frames seems to work according to my backtesting results.
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  6. The other thing i neglected to mention about the time frames is this, you have to look at what you are capturing on a certain time frame and how much you are risking for that. On 15 min I am capturing at most 150 or so pips at best case scenario and risking 25 per stop out. But on 30 min I can capture up to 300+ pips with stop outs at 30 pips. I know that technically my 15 min stop outs should be much less than my 30 min stop outs, but if they are any less than 20, I wouldnt capture anything, my risk to reward favors the 30min time frame.
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  7. this is my trade today.... enter@48 exit @ 68 p/L +20 pips I hold for 47X 5 min bars....
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  8. Nice trade Mr Black, I was prob short that, on the 30 min time frame lol,Sorry for the delay in response but I moved to start a new job and had been busy with that.

    My prog hasnt been fixed yet, although it prob will be by the end of the week. Nonetheless I placed trades roughly corresponding to the signals.

    SHORT 25K @ 1.5765 @10PM on the 25th
    SHORT another 25K @ 1.5745 @ 4:30AM on the 26th
    COVERED 50K @ 1.5775 @ 10AM on the 26th
    LONG 25K @ 1.5775 @ 10AM on the 26th
    STOPPED OUT 25K @ 1.5745 2:30AM on the 27th
    SHORT 30K @ 1.5749 @ 5:30AM on the 27th
    COVERED 30K @ 1.5692 @ 5pm on the 27th

    Net pips: -70 on 25K, and +58 on 30K
    Acct is at 3,216

    Only the last few trades are on my blotter since i had to turn the computer off in the middle of my trading. I am currently long on a prog signal but i will post it tomorrow, good trading to all.
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  9. For the last two days every night i seem to be going to bed with a nice long working for me and every morning i get up for work to some insane selloff during the night LOL. Luckily during the days my shorts are working for a profit HAHA. Last night I had a 60 pip profit dissolve to -22 loss, and most here would think I am retarded, but it isnt the first time nor will it be the last its part of my prog/strategy, sometimes to capture good trends you have to be willing to let go of some or even all profits to reach your sell signal. (This doesnt apply to scalpers and of course had I been awake at those ungodly hours I would have seen it was a news event and closed it out manually)

    I also want to say hi to my fellow bulgarians epetrov and mr. black, i think i should make this a BG journal. By the way are you guys in US or BG?
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  10. Now for the nitty gritty of the trades:

    I find it funny how I look back and was able to call a steep drop in EUR on FRI and now its nearly 300 pips lower and my account is still the about the same HAHAHA. But I am not gonna complain about being even and small profits when I know first hand how hard it is to stay above water trading.


    LONG @ 1.5699 @ 10:30PM (-22 pips)
    SHORT @ 1.5677 @ 7:00AM (+31 pips)
    LONG @ 1.5647 @ 4:30PM currently -9 pips but I think euro will gain and retrace from this level so trade should work.

    NET PIPS: +9 (closed only)

    ACCT VALUE (Brace yourselves): 3210 LOL

    At this rate I should just hope to keep with inflation let alone generate 10 to 20 percent a month. But then again the way things are going inflation might be higher than my goals.:D
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