Growing funds at 20% monthly in FX using ATS

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  1. For the background, I have been trading on and off for two years, first equities then moved to FX. I have been interested in automated systems for about a year and developed one for EURUSD. I will be trading the final version of the program on this currency pair and I will be clearing through IB. The purpose of this journal is to keep me focused on steady performance and to keep clear of wild discretionary trades. I will post try to post results at least weekly. My goal is about 10 to 20% a month on an account that is about 3200, depending on where the markets open today.
  2. Ok, so yesterday I closed out my -60K position for a loss of about -480 and turned on my prog, I am trading a trend following system on 15 min bars for the time being but i might change it to 30 min bars. My size is 25000 dollars per trade.

    So far I had three trades: (exact prices are on blotter)
    LONG @ 2:15 AM @ 1.5577 (+2 pips)
    SHORT @ 6:45 AM @ 1.5575 (+ 68 pips) (manually exited)
    LONG @ 2:45 PM @ 1.5513 (currently up 10 pips)

    ACCT is at about 3400 and change.
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    Good luck!
  4. Thank you

    I forgot to mention that all stops will be 25 pips.

    And for a little more background, (since so far this looks boring as hell to read), I started trading with 5K last Aug, and had some ups and downs since then, I jump started prog trading before the prog was completely ready and then started trading on my own discretion. I tend to trade well for a period of time but often get bored and swing for the fences with 2000 dollar swings in PnL in this tiny account, hence this journal which I will use to scrutinize my trading. I had to bail myself out with a 1000 dollar deposit in Dec. So overall i have had to put in 6K and now I am down $2600. But I am 1600 off the lows. Lets see if I can break even :) .
  5. Here are last night's trades:

    SHORT @12:30 AM @ 1.5510 - 5 pips for closed long
    STOP OUT @1:05 AM @ 1.5535 -25pips
    LONG @ 2:00 AM @1.5545 120 pips (closed out manually)
    SHORT @ 9:30 AM @ 1.5643
    STOP OUT @ 9:58 AM @ 1.5668 -25pips

    Net pips= +55
    Net profit= 146.25
    ACCT is at 3540

    I will also try to attach a chart with my trades today so that these numbers have some meaning.
  6. Here is the chart with my signals so far:
  7. This evenings' trades thus far:

    Well we are trading in a range for some time, this being a trend following system and all, there isnt much money to be made. I also put on a small discretionary short since I couldnt resist a few easy pips with small risk.

    SHORT @ 1.5667 @ 2:30 PM
    COVERED @ 1.5649 @ 7:15 PM for +18 pips

    LONG @ 1.5685 @ 9:15 PM (-22 pips)
    SHORT @ 1.5663 @ 1:00 AM

    Total: -4 pips

    So far I am happy with the results, but I am thinking of switching back to 30 min bars to cut down chop and have fewer trades,
    FYI if I had been trading 30 min bars since Sun I would have had just three trades, -30 pips, 50 pips, 131 pips and an open positive short at 1.5658.

    However, which time frame is more positive depends largely on market conditions and sizes of waves and I am happy as long as both time frames work as they should. Hopefully, now 15 min will start overtaking 30 min bars for profitability.
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    How do you identify the trades?
  9. I am using only one indicator to trade and it is a proprietary type of MA that me and a friend came up with last year.

    Last night's results:
    Whippy night with that 100 pip bar at 4AM. On 15 min I had 3 trades:

    SHORT STOPPED OUT @ 4:05 AM @ 1.5690 -25 pips
    LONG @ 4:15 @ 1.5721 +15 pips
    SHORT @ 9:15 AM @1.5738 -25 pips
    STOPPED OUT @ 10:45 AM @ 1.5773

    Total pips= -35 ACCT is at 3400

    I have noticed that there are some issues with greater than expected slippage to the tune of about 20 pips so far and thus I have reconsidered using the 15 min time frame. I am going to start using 30 Min bars to cut down the noise and reduce my trades.
  10. Actually the best idea is to finish the week on 15 min bars and I will switch to 30 min the start of next week.
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