Growing Bubbles

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    The financial crisis is over. In a bullish market such as the one we're in now there is usually a bubble (or several) in some business/sector/branch/product. I'm willing to take high risks but I live too far from Las Vegas. So which hot business/sector/branch/product should I invest in right now?

    Thank You for your time!
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    just to clarify, I'm looking for stocks with the highest recent growth and strongest positive trends, regardless of volume and the size of the company. It could be a justified or an unjustified price rise.

  3. Are you from Dubai/Kuwait/etc? Did you consider selling premium?
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    I trade on NYSE.
  5. Over many years the author and others have given theories for bubbles rising in line in a liquid. Theory has usually suggested that the bubbles will tend towards a stable distance apart, but experiments have often showed them pairing off and sometimes coalescing. However, existing theory seems not to deal adequately with the case of bubbles growing as they rise, which they do if the liquid is boiling, or is a supersaturated solution of a gas, or simply because the pressure decreases with height. That omission is now addressed, for spherical bubbles rising at high Reynolds numbers. As the flow is then nearly irrotational, Lagrange's equations can be used with Rayleigh's dissipation function. The theory also works for bubbles shrinking as they rise because they dissolve.
  6. For this month’s Traders’ Tip, we’ve provided the eSignal formula, Macd_RevCrossover.efs, based on the formula code from Donald Pendergrast’s article in this issue, “Trade System Evaluation.”
    The formula simply plots the Macd and Macd signal indicators (Figure The formula contains parameters that may be configured through the Edit Studies option to change the fast length, slow length, and smoothing. The study is a long-only system that colors the price bars lime green to indicate a long position and black when no position is in force. The formula is also compatible for backtesting in the Strategy Analyzer

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