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  1. Anyone short with me?
  2. I am ,but have been for awhile now.
  3. sorry I miss read this . im just an idiot stupid person who happens to be short , and has been for awhile , the market using futures .
  4. Using Livermore Market Key I interpet a signal to sell short on 28 November 2006 at $ 48.84 / share. Stop loss at 54.41.
  5. S2007S


    i would be but mb has no shares available to short.
  6. ...............and what does that tell you?

    140 GROW 50 49.810 1.230 659,721 2006-11-29 16:00:22 This is from Somebody is short a ton w/ fails, and they are being bought in. Be careful. No telling how much is short because the short interest does not include fails to deliver. You could be creamed.