GROW - A 24 bagger

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  1. Wow! I was just looking at a chart of this stock and from June of 2004 until the present time it has gone up 24 times!!!

    An investment of 10,000 in June of 2004 would have yielded 240 grand. In fact, from this summer it has tripled.
  2. Rapid growth.

    With an average of more than $4.79 billion in assets under management for the quarter ended September 30, 2006, U.S. Global Investors manages domestic and offshore funds offering a variety of investment options, from emerging markets to money markets. In general, trends in assets under management are the critical drivers of revenue and earnings.
  3. and look who was picking it up in the single digits last year.
    None other than ex-Elitetrader regular, Praetorian. almost a million shares.

    The kid is a stud.
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    that is impressive from his "gnp" trade to picking up 10 baggers. Perhaps I should have told my father to invest with guy when he made an offer.
  5. What really stands out is that just in the last month alone its run up yet another 100%.

    On Nov 8th, they had a solid earnings report and announced a 2-1 stock split along with a .25 post split dividend. The stock was trading at $31ish.

    Any takers here at current levels????
    the intraday range on trading for Friday was $53 - $60. (Bringing back the old days.)
  6. All you have to do is look at Reg SHO. Grow has been on for 58 days or so. When you have a heavily shorted stock like this that's moving, it more than likely will keep flying. Caveat is they have to get some mo mo.

    If you look at FFH, it's another. There are, besides regular or legal shorts, naked shorts, and something called "x clearing". Let's just say, it's an ultra short.

    Look at Acordia, ACOR. It was a shooting star. As soon as it came off Reg SHo, it lost it's momentum. They can go for a while, but obviously, if it breaks down or slows, get out. Re: Hans.

    It ain't rocket science.
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    just like i mentioned on 11/20


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    incredible run from the mid 20's to 40+++ over 100% run in 5 weeks... charts#ch...line;crosshair=on;logscale=on;source=[ /url]
  8. Quite remarkable, actually.
  9. Go Prae!
  10. I looked at some of Prae's holdings and each does make some sense especially the one about blood collecting.

    The medical community is going to increasingly test blood for HIV. All of these seem like logical picks and it does appear he has made a substantial sum on each one.
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