Groupthink vs. privacy

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    successful traders want privacy from small traders. Small Traders (losers) want successful traders to share like groupthink.

    Successful traders do not want to deal with small traders. They are too busy drinking at the bar with other successful traders, shopping with their family, golfing, and other hobbies.

    Successful traders will laugh, laugh, and laugh at small traders. they will always laugh

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!
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    Frankly I Am interested more in traders/investors, than system developers /system sellers, with all due respect:D

    There are a few helpful system books/system ads;
    but as my bankers Dad always said''Do not tell everything you know'' And a good system [principle]ad doesnt mean the system is good at all ;
    or does it mean will that system ever be good...........................

  4. As a trader or investor or whatever ....

    in a group you must always confirm your decisions for the others.
    Everything you do and say will be reasked, why and for what....
    this is a bad surrounding for a good business.....and you are responsible for other persons........

    as a private person, you can do what you want and nobody will ever stress you. and you only be responsible for yourself, IF something goes wrong.....

    what you choose its up to you......
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    The modern paradigm, the Marxist struggle to make women equal to men, it has led to the modern corporate structure which suits women. It's all relational, it's about teaming people up both functionally and project oriented. I worked in it, it sucks, really sucks.

    I've read somewhere that innovations are accomplished by one guy with an idea, a vision, and about 25 people doing what he told them to do.