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  1. nothing else matters now.

    ipo filed

    they own the coupon space for the next 100 years. patents on everything, right? 50 billion at least.
  2. hajimow


    I hope market teaches Groupon a lesson so that no more shitty company will dare to go public unless they have a substantial business with good income. Selling Spa coupons for $70 which is $400 value !!!! is absurd.
  3. emg


    This is the Generation Y era. Social Media mania. The bubble begins.

    The Generation X had their mania which was

    The baby boomer had their mania which was the Saving and Loan bubble during the 80s

    Let the generation Y enjoy their boom. Eventually will bust


    u will notice that majority of groupon workers are generation Y. That is no different than the era where majority of the workers were Generation X
  4. Bowgett


    This is awesome!!! I was waiting for this for some time. I want to see FaceBook IPO too.
  5. empee


    wow its becoming like movie trailers.. coming this fall 2011...
  6. I'm waiting for Groupon to make their own ad:

    GROUPON STOCK - $400 VALUE - ONLY $60 - 85% OFF!!!
  7. 750M sounds like less than 10% of total shares....which means it'll fly most likely............I just need to clear my LNKD memories before playing GRPN....
  8. hahaaahaha thats good
  9. S2007S


    A lot of copy cat sites like groupon, doesnt take much to mimic this model, they are rushing to the market now because they know the hype is almost done with, after the zynga and facebook ipo there is no hype left so they are trying to get in while the money is still hot, thats what happens when you have easy money policies and stimulus money floating around the economy for 2-3 years.
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