Groupon paid 3 million to lose customers.

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    Boy were they smart not to air the Jewish version of the Groupon commercial.

    It would show Germany 1943, panning across the Treblinka Concentration camp, the belching smokestacks of burning jews. and a pan to the boxcars filled to the brim with Jewish women and children heading towards certain death.

    And then the voice over "One of the worst places in the world, Nazi Germany 1943 This is Timothy Hutton The Jews are in trouble, thier very culture is in jeopardy. BUT! they still whip up an amazing Onion Bagel ....... .....
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    Not smart
  3. $16B projected mcap on this dogshit. The high print on the first day of listed trading will be the ATH.
  4. I wonder if Groupon will be the 21st century version of LNUX ticker.
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    When I saw that commercial I thought oh are they going to hear it and sure enough they did. This company is just another big time fad, there are so many copycats out there right now that they will be lucky to stay on top in years to come, the ipo is just another hyped up craze as well.
  6. First they turn down 6 Billion then they slam China as they try to enter the Chinese market.

    I believe Google has announced they are doing their own Groupon
  7. The Groupon website alone is an effort worth 5 billion.

    Do you realize how many Bangladesh html slaves you have to hire to get that done?