Groupon ceo on 60 mins

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    For anyone who missed it here it is, very interesting interview, talks about the IPO and the fact that there are over 500 others trying to mimic groupons ways, I for one wouldnt touch the stock, I think the company will be lucky to stay on top....just another company who is riding a trend, reason is that the model will be here to stay, but the hype of course will fade with time.

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    And what do you know groupon down over 10% today, again do not touch this stock.
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    I hope no one bought this stock, its going a lot lower, single digits!!!
  4. From where does Groupon receive its revenue? From the discount coupons we buy... proceeds shared with the provider of the service/good?
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    Now trading under $3.00
  6. pupmping and dumoping sheres by Goldman
  7. Buying?

  8. There should be tip-jar functionality on this site.

    GRPN up over 10% pre-market.