Grouping marketmakers and ecns

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stylelad, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. stylelad


    Which platforms allow traders to group marketmakers and ecns in stock window by volume not by name. I mean:
    NYB 1600 / NYB 200
    ARCA 500 / ARCA 800
    ISLD 1000 / ISLD 1000

    like this
    NYB 1600 / ISLD 1000
    ISLD 1000 / ARCA 800
    ARCA 500 / NYB 200

    As I know, Swift Trade's Prosper Pro does, also Blackwood Pro, Graybox. What else?
    I wonder why Laser doesnt have this feature?=(
  2. stylelad


    and do all quotes are same at all platforms or some of paltforms can have little delays comparing to others?
  3. wucah


    Sterling has an option to sort by volume/ecn/time. I am sure most other software have the same options. As far as quotes go, in theory they all should be the same with miniscule diffrences 1-3ms. The problems starts with network architekture. For example swift takes all its quotes from New York and sends them to Toronto, from there it distrubutes them out. Sterling for example has servers in New York and it distubutes quotes from there. As you can imagine the quotes are 50ms faster than swift trades. Some companies also compress quotes so their branches can have cheaper connections, this adds another 50ms to compress the quote if there are no problems, If the commpresion algorythm gets messed up and you have to request a new quote from Toronto you are far behind. As you can see Sterling is mininium 100ms faster than Prospro.

    Hope this helps

    Where you trading now stylelad? Are you still at swift?