Group purchase of one high quality trading course

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  1. geth03


    Hi all,

    I would like to purchase a high quality trading course but cant afford it myself at the moment so im looking for partners to split the costs.

    More information etc on the course i can give you per PM if you are interested.

    I will only take 1 or 2 partners for this and then not share with someone else.

  2. snilson


    high quality? wtf
  3. henry76


    Would the information regarding the quality of this course come from the vendors of said course? ( like a lamb to the slaughter)
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  4. jharmon


    If the course is good value for money then you'd buy it. Perhaps the course is trying to sell you "the dream".

    Clearly you are way undercapitalized to afford it and actually trade, so you will fail anyway.

    No soup for you. Come back 1 year (after you've got some capital behind you)
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  5. smallfil


    There is an abundance of trading courses, DVDs, books at reasonably cheap prices. Most you can find on Ebay and at times, Amazon. I would suggest you research thoroughly, whoever is teaching the trading course. Better still, go to You Tube and check the trading videos for that course if it is available then, you can better decide if that is what you want. Most trading teachers have You Tube videos. A good thing to check out if they actually, know what they are supposed to teach you!
  6. _eug_


    OP pm'd me august 2017 trying to sell me trading courses and also offering to mentor me..... Just a heads up.

    Not sure why he is still looking to buy even more courses if he is offering mentorship to random ppl by PM.
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  7. smallfil


    Most traders would be selling their books, DVDs, trading manuals because you accumulate a bunch of them during the journey to trading proficiency. If he is good enough as a trader and offering to be a mentor, why is he buying more trading courses?
  8. _eug_


    My thoughts exactly...
  9. smallfil


    You can even just go to You Tube watch all the trading videos to your heart's content and take notes and become a competent trader atleast, without spending a cent! All you need is to spend some time learning!
  10. Simples


    BS Alert! Buyer Beware!!
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