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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cml2949, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Hello, I'm looking for info. about Group One in Chicago.. What they trade at the CBOE, what their training program is like, or any opinion or info. about them. I thought this might be worth a try since there are many people who come in and out of this site! Thanks for any insights..
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    i believe they have guys in most of the pits at the cboe. i know 1 guy who worked for them and was trained by them and he is a good trader. unfortunately they screwed him on the dreaded discretionary bonus one year so he no longer works there.
  3. Look into Peak6... they hire prop-options traders, but internal hires only. IOW, you'd need to get into the firm in another capacity.
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    Seems like Group One may have some miscommunications.. Any thoughts on what a new trainee can expect from them?
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    I recently had a phone interview with GroupOne.. I was told that 250-300 applicants were competing for 4-5 Trader Trainee spots for the Jan06 program.. I don't think I answered any questions that may have made me stand out from the 75 other candidates who had phone interviews as well.. I learned more about GroupOne; how many of the trainees learn for 2 months, work with the Traders and than travel to Ny and Philly for more training from Chicago.. I get feedback in a few weeks...

    But has anyone heard much or has experience GroupOne's Trader Training program.. It sounds like a very extensive training program... Very Ideal though .. .