Group of transvestite "youths" organize flash mob to terrorize Dunkin' Doughnuts

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  1. Melissa Grace, Daily News (New York), June 3, 2011

    A 20-year-old man was charged with attempted assault and rioting Thursday for a caught-on-camera rampage that left a West Village Dunkin’ Donuts trashed, prosecutors said.

    Dwayne Jones was one of as many as 20 transgender youths allegedly involved in the May 16 melee, court records show.

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  2. They want their nuts back....

  3. Hate to break the news to ya but black people do not have "transgender" issues. Transgender is a white thang.

    For example, black males wearing jeans "down low" wid dey ass showing. They be showing off they booty, just like the girls. They are dealing with it. Ya think?
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    You need to check again on that.
  5. Woah, relax there pal. I never said "black", I said "youths". That's what the MSM says they are in any case :D .

    It wouldn't appear from the video that being a transvestite is a "white thang". Then again THOSE were transvestites, and you're talking about "transgender", which are of course two different things. But yes, "transgender" requires an operation and drugs/hormones all of which are probably very expensive. So yes, that probably does in all reality render it a "white thang".

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    More detail than I care to know about the subject. :confused:
  7. The world is now officially out of control :D

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  8. I wonder if you would have made this thread if the youths were white :confused:
  9. LOL! Of course I would have. It's hilarious. In fact I didn't even notice that they were all black. Are you racist or something?

  10. Transvestite youths my ass. This is just another video of darkies out of control. I would have loved to see the DD employees fire hot pots of coffee on those mofos.

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