Group Marriage Must Be Legalized.

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Do You Believe Group Marriage Should Be Legalized in Your Country?

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  1. Ask just about anyone. They'll all tell you they're in favor of equal rights for groupsexuals. Just name the situation, and ask. They'll all say, yes, groups should have the same rights in housing, jobs, public accommodations, and should have equal access to government benefits, equal protection of the law, etcetera, etcetera.

    Then you get to group marriage.

    And that's when all this talk of equality stops dead cold.

    More than half of all people in the United States oppose group marriage, even though three fourths are otherwise supportive of groupsexual rights. This means that many of the same people who are even passionately in favor of groupsexuals rights oppose groups on this one issue.

    Why all the passion?

    It's because there is a lot of misunderstanding about what groupsexuality really is, as well as the erroneous assumption that groups enjoy the same civil rights protections as everyone else. There are also a lot of stereotypes about group relationships, and even a great deal of misunderstanding of what marriage itself is all about and what its purpose is.

    The Arguments Against Group Marriage

    Well, of course there are a lot of reasons being offered these days for opposing group marriage, and they are usually variations on a few well-established themes. Interestingly, a court in Hawaii has recently heard them all. And it found, after due deliberation, that they didn't hold water.

    Here's a summary:

    1. Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman.

    2. Group mates aren't the optimum environment in which to raise children.

    3. Group relationships are immoral.

    4. Marriages are for procreation and ensuring the continuation of the species.

    5. Group marriage would threaten the institution of marriage.

    6. Marriage is traditionally a heterosexual institution.

    7. Group marriage is an untried social experiment.

    8. Group marriage would start us down a "slippery slope" towards legalized incest, bestial marriage, polygamy and all kinds of other horrible consequences.

    9. Granting groupsexuals the right to marry is a "special" right.

    10. Orgies should be illegal and was until very recently.

    11. Group marriage would mean forcing businesses to provide benefits to groupsexuals on the same basis as opposite-sex couples.

    12. Group marriage would force churches to marry groupsexuals when they have a moral objection to doing so.

    We will discuss the validity of each of the above reasoning in a future writing.
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  3. I can swear to god that none of my neighbors know shit about the economy, I'm not saying that I'm a mastermind, but it's not hard to see gold @ 900 and dollar so fucked up, the only thing 99% of americans know when you say politics is gays and their rights to marriage, oh they know something else too, abortion, oh really serious stuff

    thanks for adding an extra topic of importance to the serious political discussions of present modern civilizations
  4. Just wait until heirs petition to marry their parents to avoid estate taxes.
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  6. We've had “group marriage” for many years now. Although there is a different word for the practice.

    It's called “incorporated”. Different word, same principle.
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  8. My first thought was Congress.
  9. The Baptist form of group marriage -- serial marriage, marry one after the other, it's being practiced in every church in town and has been for years. Only thing is your supposed to get rid of your old spouse before you get a new one. And from my personal experience it's not a good way to protect assets.