Group Health Insurance: IB

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  1. How likely is it that IB will offer Group Health Insurance to it's traders?

    Is it total speculation, or has IB ever seriously thought about group health insurance for their traders?
  2. AdlerNY


    I don't know how serious they are about group health insurance, but it could be a great idea.
  3. ron2368


    Are they an insurance broker too? I doubt that would ever happen, they would be nuts to get involved in health insurance , but if it works out maybe they can also offer travel services
    ( kidding).:D
  4. don't forget to ask abt hookers too
  5. i'mlong


    many brokers offer group plans that you can pay for.
  6. name one retail broker that does this?

    maybe a prop firm provides this but I never heard of

    a retail broker doing this , even IB
  7. i'mlong


    etrade for one. and i was never a prop trader. i know a couple more but you asked for one.
  8. Nobody wants to insure traders. High risk group.
  9. Ebo


    Where do you make up these stories.
    NO RETAIL brokers offers Health insurance.
    I know personally that E Trade does not offer this.
    I have heard of groups of 5-10 traders that approached an insurance company as an LLC and said "give us a Group Rate" as opposed to paying out the nose as an individual.
  10. cdbern


    this is not "health insurance" per se, however it looks like a fairly good plan. Worth investigating.

    My Chiropractor and Dentist are listed as providers. If yours isn't, all they have to do is make a phone call. Other major carriers limit the number of providers, thereby forcing you in some cases to either pay cash or find another provider.

    This outfit negotiates with the provider over fees.
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