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  1. I am utterly new to this forum.
    I am astonished as to have encountered something quite so intricately brilliant as some posts of Grob109 or abogdan(

    I admit I am humbled.

    But I'd also appreciate deeply the missing uploads/links for

    While fearing their being lost in the subtleties of cyberspace, my experiences with other uploads of the most venerable grob109 (you seem to call him Jack?) show me they would be excitingly useful for more than one reader.

    With best regards
  2. lets see if this works
  3. these two (which were compiled by someone else, i think Ireland?) should get you through some of the continuation thread (after the first was closed).

    i myself am going through all the important threads and basically copying them word for word to .doc files (although i'm deleting the majority of idiot posts).

    search for posts on:

    jack hershey, bubba7, grob109 (these are his main aliases i know of)

    search topics:

    beginner rockets, icebergs, SCT (seamless continuous trading)

    specific threads:

    The Stochastics Indicator Thread
    Jack Hershey Trading
    Question For Grob/Hershey

    there may be more.

    also google MSN groups and jack hershey
    there is a wealth of documents there as well.

    work to connect all the dissparate infos into a cohesive over-arching whole

    channels, the p/v relation, indicators etc...

    what looks hopelessly complex at first glance is in fact a sublime work of simplicity.
  4. Hey Alex/Maestro/Abogdan, welcome back.
  5. mokwit


    Obviously the pony tail is not working, judging by his posts.