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  1. I feel pity on you.

    You must a very lonely person, devoid of a warm relationship, trolling the web, preying on newbies to sell them "the holy grail" while all the time front running them. (and being a parasite on them as per your own admission in an earlier posting).

    It is deplorable that you lowered youeself to such a level because of your addition to making money. Don't you realise that you have sold your soul and integrity? Do you know the meaning of integrity and honor?

    I doubt you have any real friends who would be prepared to put themselves in harms way for you (and to protect you). And I strongly suspect that those that you call "friends" are only there because they can syphon some money from you.

    Oh, you think you are so clever and perhaps you may make more money than that we do, but that is something we shall never know.

    But no matter what I would not want to swap places with you and if history is anything to go by you'll grow old very lonely.

    If your muddled up postings are anything to go by then you are nothing more than a one trick poney, and a shallow one at that.

    Perhaps you wake up before you are called away from this existence and will you be given the chance to make reparations.

    Somehow I doubt that you'll will even attempt to, that is how mixed up you are. Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how a wonderfull, upright and honest person you are?

    Have you ever considered seeking professional help?


  2. I've met the guy. Words cannot describe the vast distance by which you have missed the mark.

    1. He doesn't 'sell' anything
    2. He has several charitable trusts set up for the sole purpose of philanthropy.
    3. He doesn't 'front run' newbies. He 'front runs' the 'herd' by entering into a position before the rest of the smart money jumps on board.
    4. He enjoys a very fulfilling personal life.

    I don't expect you to take my word for it, because Jack does present himself in a certain light - entirely by design - which lends itself to misunderstandings. But all due respect, you really missed the mark here.

    Good Trading to you.

    - Spydertrader

  3. The "herd", the "goats", the "newbies" are all the one and the same target group to be sucked in by the "philanthropy" of your "trading god" Jack.

    he may not "sell" in the true meaning of the word yet he is trolling websites spouting his "holy grail" system which is far less than a holy grail.

    Your own stated results on this board are a pittance, I make that in a month and I do not need to "get in before the herd gets in" which are just semantics of saying that you front run the herd.

    By the way, thanks for clearing this matter up that Jack is accumulating stocks and then uses the herd for dsitrbuting his position. I will say it has been done very cleverly and in such a way that legally very little to have him on, if any. However it also is a confirmation that he is not a man above board of trickery and scheming, in other words he has no honor. If he was a broker or other advisor with payment then the SEC would certainly have something to say about this and I think that some lawyesr would be pretty interested in a class action.

    Alas, as is the case the sumbug will probably walk free.

    Good trading to you too.

    Maria over and out.

    PS Holmes was right, this is becoming another yahoo message board. The start of ET saw capable traders posting usefull information, nowadays only the lower end is hanging out here. But in the land of the blind one eye is king?
  4. Apparently you cannot read for comprehension. I suggest you revisit Spyder's point 3 and read just exactly who Jack, and others who trade this methodology, get in front of.
  5. nitro



    This guy jack and his sidekick spydertrader are both bozos that can't trade out of a wet paper bag.

    I know for a fact that these maggots bug you. What I don't understand is why you don't just put them on ignore. No one forces you to read their crap, and yet you take it on yourself instigate adversarial debate with them. In some sense, when you debate someone, you give them some respect. That is not what you want to do I am sure. On the internet, once you realize someone has no integrity, imo the only course of action is to eliminate them from your "internet life." The ignore button does a wonderful job of that.

    There is no justice on the internet. The only way value to what you do is to perhaps, by your exposing of these retards, is possibly to warn potential new traders away from following these pretenders. I honestly believe it is not worth it. FWIW, I came to that conclusion long ago too. Evil can only logically survive in the light of good. Think about that...

  6. I have found some of the best people have their names on Nitro's ignore list. Now, if you'll excuse me, I seem to be experiencing some difficulty ....

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  7. I object. That paper bag is clearly dry.
  8. Hi Maria:

    Thanks for posting.

    I can see Larry Harris and I are in trouble. Please go to page 199 and chart * something on that page. He lives in Tucson now and was head of SEC at one point. Neither of us are being sought by the police at this point.

    We use the term "parasite" in the manner that it is conventionally used by the financial industry and its leaders and writers.

    Just below the parasitic box on the chart you will find a box labelled "front runners". It is there because there are a bunch of us around and we as Nike says: "Just do it".

    Your approach is found on the same chart as where I am located. I colored mine heliotrope with a hiliter. It is easy to find when I am looking at the chart.

    You may have read that the SEC did catch up with me. It happened three ways:

    At the Cooperstown ski area and at the Lake Otsego Golf course and at a couple of brokerage houses. Henry Cooper's sister married Bill Carey. And Bill pals around with Ned Ames of the Ford Foundation a grant giving friend of mine (See the book I wrote(seed grant on water quality) three years before the EPA was set up and before the passage of PL 92-500 They live near Beekman Place where the old Beekman dairy farm was just north of Wall street a while back (the furniture is at the Metropolitan on loan from the family). Part of the UN property was formerly part of our farm; it was wet and weedy early on.

    So I may play through or let the SEC through on the course if Bill catches up. For skiing, its less likely but a possibility. I have fallen down once in a while but so does Bill.

    I have had many citations rom the SEC via brokerage lawyers. the max was five in one year. The citations were for insider trading when I lived in Greenwich,Conn and in Bucks County,PA. they all happened when the SEC was learning to use software to monitor people with multiple accounts and multiple POA's.(this is a clue for you). As you do not know the SEC sometimes makes mistakes. When they do they are intransisomething for a while and they insist on repeating their errors. Gradually they find out they they are accusing a person of something that he is not doing. Then they are very stuffy and find that there is still something going on and sooner or later they will find out what. They did. My lawyers, the brokerage lawyers would not ask for their software under any freedom something or other. I was requested by a lot of people to not pursue finding out how their software was screwing up and to let it go.

    For the SEC I am a "simulator" of repeated multi account "insider" trading. That is how "BAD" I am being a parasitic front running trader. BAD BOY.

    It got so bad ones that T J Watson of IBM and Tang of Tang indutries had to make a joint announcement that they were not negotiating or anything whatsoever in response to the trading that was provoked by me AND ALL OF THE COATTAIL TRADERS IN NYC USING MLPF and B accounts. This was before Smith.

    So I am used to very professional people behaving like you do and sooner or later they get to spend their time doing other things that tax money pays for or brokerage fees pay for.

    Holmes stated he had not learned anything in two years on ET. That is something you do not know. you think he is a newbie who just rejected my views and made strange comments to me like yours.

    Nitro is giving you great advice all based on his rapid fire determination that I am a fake. He stated right off that the prints I posted were faked by using some software that he is familiar with. Personally, I had never heard of it at the time he mentioned how easy it was for a person to use it. Nitro is a mainstay of ET and he is a big time chatter and poster.

    There are some people who have glimpsed at the console I am typing from; they have swum in my pool and I continually keep them oiled with Stolie Gold. They are collectively laughing their asses off at your comments. I will have to put a new screw in each of their belly buttons when and if they ever finish.

    4 out of 5 people agree with you according to polls conducted periodically at various places. Thank God. Can you imagine what it would be like if they had a different view? Or if the polls were conducted in a way that was different than the usual.

    I used the CW letters recently and it was determined that I was posting somethig derogatory. Google "blow" and look under the subset "fish". What would happen if he switched sides and got excited and blew up. There are a lot of considerations here.

    I have been banned along with my alias. I can't even use my own name here; I have to use my glider model name. All I am is a 50:1 glide ratio essentially.

    Here is something to think about. You and Nitro are on record as the undercover people who exposed the paradigm shift that might replace, in small part, some of the great and broad CW paradigm. All we have to show for it is that it makes a lot of money and is connected to the potential of the markets without doing any gambling. You caught us helping people, as admitted parasites, for free and financing meetings, materials and websites. Just think of all those 990's my name appears on every year; thank God the IRS let's 501 (C) (3)'s keep that info to themselves.

    Hey, give me a blast any time you feel like it; it will be good for your bio chemical production. Please jog, too.

  9. Are you one of Maria's aliases?
  10. Okay I admit it I am a sumbug

    I add as many points a day as I can.

    I sum them on the second trade and thereafter.

    In Arizona the way out of a wet paper bag is to wait and it gets drier and drier and drier.

    Once the bag is dry it rips open only after about 20 to 40 actions a day. It is an EOD rip off. The cause of it opening, by ripping, is the sumbugging at a high sumbugging pace.

    We use 10B HP's to sumbug as well BUT, and it is a BIG BUT (think of Maria here), we compound as an advanced sumbugging.

    I have to give credit to Maria for her work in delving into my posts sufficiently to find the sub liminal sumbug it like pushing an "m' into the sub and the "ughing" it without the "h". ewe.... ewe.
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