Grob, his methods and his followers

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by bundlemaker, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. There is no surprises with GROW. It's an equity that either was or is in a universe of stocks created by followng Hershey/Grob/et al.

    Go look at Spydertrader's journals. GROW's characteristics include (at some point in time) very high EPS, specific float, very high RS and most importantly a repeatable and cyclic price/volume relationship.

    These comments are in no way intented to diminish P2's success with this issue. It's just that there are no surprises under the sun when you do your homework.
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    ROTFLMAO!!! Another grob kool aid drinker.

    Why don't you tell us what the next one like this stock is based on your Kool aid.

    See, you can't. Because the Kool aid you're drinking is bad Kool aid. ROTFLMAO!! :D
  3. You guys do one hell of a job identifying all the opportunities to take money out of the market after the fact. Hell, come monday morning, I bet you could even help my beloved packers get back on track and get Favre one more shot at the Superbowl.

    I have yet to see any of the Grob clan showing their numbers on the P&L thread, why don't you share some of yours?
  4. I don't really trade Hersheys way. You might want to take your foot out of your mouth now. You also may want to look at Spydertraders journal where there are documented trades.
  5. Are these papertrades? Trades made after the fact? I know everyone who follows him is making big bucks, but, I have yet to see any blotters from the grob clan in the P&L thread. Do you know anyone who is really making money and taking multiples of the ADR out of the market following his cryptic teachings?

    I am a skeptic of every self proclaimed guru until they prove they make money, trading real markets and in real time. Once proven wrong, I will admit it and aplogize. Until then, I remain a skeptic.
  6. Your post seems to imply that a P & L Blotter posted anywhere outside the P & L Thread remains suspect. Certainly this cannot be the case. Either blotters validate trade results, or they do not. Location of the post should not matter.

    In addition, do you refer to Futures Trading or Equities? To locate the blotters for Equities, simply search through Journals One and Two for numerous examples. In fact, a trader relatively knew to the methodology caught a nice trade this afternoon. With respect to futures, I consider myself still a rookie at the Futures Methods (what Jack now calls SCT), but can see validity in the methods (if one can get beyond the lengthy posts used so frequently by Jack). I do not yet pull 3x the daily range (in futures), but on occasion, I do pull more than the daily range out of the market. I've posted charts, Blotters, trade logs and even sent confirmations out via email. Others have posted their blotters as well. Each time, someone decides to claim the results are faked, fudged or photoshopped. As a result, I no longer have a desire to convince others of their validity.

    With respect to posting in advance what stocks to watch, this occurred almost daily in Journal one and the beginning part of Journal Two.

    If you have questions, I'm happy to provide assistance.

    - Spydertrader

    P.S. Rather than stomp on Praetorian's Thread, I'd be happy to continue the conversation elsewhere if you so chose.
  7. Well Mike:

    I have seen Spyder trade....He has a nice system w/positive expectancy...I have seen the trades over a period of days, weeks, months...I don't see any scam, I don't see him charging anyone for info, on the contrary, he is "giving it away"....and all people need to do to "get it" it read the damn posts....and do a little homework...I don't know about you but for me, this kind of gives me reason to think that there are some good folks out there...I trust him...

    I realize that this may not mean shit to you...but I will bet there are folks out there who know that on this subject I have earned my rep as a person who hates scammers. Spyder is real..

    Good luck
  8. I just havn't seen the blotters. What I have seen is posting of charts, or drawing a channel and throwing some numbers on there that indicate that there were 15 trades to make 3 times the ADR, etc. Then trying to sort through the cryptic writings of grob, led me to think that this was nothing more than a theoretical discussion. It looks great in hindsight, but not executable in the real world of trading.

    That being said, you seem to have a following, and credibility. So I will pose a few questions to you. Are you are anyone else you know trading this methodology and earning a living doing it?

    PM me if you prefer.
  9. BTW, I'm not trying to be disrespectful to Spyder....grob is the one who I think is more of a those who can do...those who can't teach person. You can't tell me that you'be been able to make sense of his posts.

    It appears that Spyder has been able to make sense of grobs writings. what are we talking here. Hobby level, make a few bucks at the end of the month, or are we talking a strategy that can provide both the consistency and earnings power needed to trade for a living?
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