GRMN-why is she down & not up today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by luckyluciano, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Record 3rd quarter announcement! I don't get it?
  2. Redford


    I was wondering the same thing.....WTF?
  3. S2007S


    Garmin has taken an undisclosed stake in Tele Atlas NV.

    Thats why..........
  4. gobar


    they are bidding for tele atlas.. thats y its down...rumors that their core business might be slowing...
  5. guidance wasn't blowout and they just offered a few billion for teleatlas.

    Now I actually consider that good news.

    So... I'm a buyer.
    It'll take a few days and should be back to 125.
  6. hajimow


    Profit taking. It will hit 120 again a week in "good market". The point is when to get in? Today? It seems today is just for quick trades and patient long term buyers. Wait till tomorrow or even Monday. Buy Call 110 for December tomorrow.
  7. honghong


    i bought a small position of this this morning. looking to hold through until december perhaps
  8. Will go much higher

    buy this dip

  9. I like how Garmin dropped 20% because tomtom won the bid for teleatlas at the begining of the month... and then garmin comes back and outbids them and it drops 15%... that makes a lot of sense!
  10. honghong


    yea, i got in around 113, dipped a little bit. Holding for longer than a few days this one.
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