GRMN makes me sick

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by topdown, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. topdown


    I had this thing a few months ago at 50 something, held for a few weeks, sold for a quick, nice gain at 60 something.



    Sorry, just had to vent here a bit.

    GRMN is a monster.
  2. agreed... i this thing is going through the roof... awesome fundamentals. A lot of people don't realize that garmin is vertically integrated... they own their own factories in China, and it makes their profit margins amazing.
  3. For all the cramer haters out there, I remember he recommended this one back about a year ago... now its more than doubled:eek:
  4. Great stock to trade....been sucking money out of it for months!
  5. Thats why buy & hold works so well.
  6. Cramer also said that GM would file for bankruptcy in 2006. He was just a tad off...instead of going bankrupt, it was the best performer in the DOW last year.

    Cramers "stock of the year for 2007" is NYX...which is down 21% YTD.

    Cramer is a total jackoff and his calls are incredibly awful.
  7. Cramer ...he is still venting over the barrons story
  8. You meant to say Taiwan.
  9. xiaodre


    I dunno, I wouldn't get sick over making a decent trade that made a few...

    Coulda woulda shoulda. If you exited because you saw something that made you exit, what'sa problem?

    If you exited, because you got excited that you had made a couple bucks and it doesn't happen often, then you gotta evaluate your trading plan probably and find out why you are trading emotionally...
  10. ess1096


    Allow me to make you feel better.
    I sold my 1200 share position in CBAK yesterday 9/25 at $4.75.
    As I write this it is near $7.25 :mad:

    "That's the Devil of Wall St. looking back at you."
    I read that somewhere. :D
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