GRMN- 2 for 1 Stock Split Approved

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    Prices also approaching 50 sma. Could see a bounce here next week. This stock has been performing well despite the bearish market environment we've been seeing these past few weeks. I like it long and for a high probability swing trade here. 2 for 1 split news hit wires late during friday's trading session so we could be seeing delayed reaction by traders/investors/and institutions who keep a hawks eye on that 50 day ma.
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    it is also got a buy recomm by a panelist in just finished DC Money show, worth watching.
  3. I'm short. Remember that example about Anaconda from "Reminiscences of a stock operator"? Earnings on Aug. 2nd worry me more.
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  4. Will this split push the stock higher or encourage a decline with 2x as much supply?
  5. Well, according to O'Neil, splits like 4:1 or 10:1 are ones we should worry about, 2:1 is prolly a non-event. Still very bearish though.
  6. Ackhm, cover, presplit adjusted $91.6