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  1. I am trying to install the free version of Grisoft antivirus software
    I heard good things about it and it's free.

    but when I want to run the setup files, I get a Winzip Self extractor error message : "could not run setup.exe" I have Winzip but the file is not even a .zip file:
  2. I had serious problems with free AVG.

    The update function is nearly always impossible to execute, due to heavy load on their servers.

    I switched to AntiVir Personal (free), which seems to offer a much better overall package.
  3. haha i have NEVER had one problem with FREE AVG and i update EVERY day.

    go figure
  4. My AVG works better than longshot's. It finds viruses when his AVG can't:D
  5. On my three computers I am using AVG virus protection. Like Longshot I check for updates daily and have had no problems doing so. Once or twice a week there is an update file, and it downloads quickly with no problems. I also use and update daily Ad-Aware and Zonealarm and also highly recommend these great programs.

    Most importantly I also got rid of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Why do I mention this in this thread? Because with IE I had daily security issues. Just as a pile of dog crap attracts flies, IE attracted security issues to my computer because of inferior source code. I had JAVA attacks, browser hijacks, trojans, data miners, all trying to be placed on my computer directly because of IE. These were all caught by Ad-Aware, Zonealarm, and AVG. By getting rid of IE and switching to the FIREFOX browser this problem has just plain stopped.
  6. What is a Java Attack and browser hijack? Where can I get FIREFOX? Do I have to uninstall IE before installing Firefox? Can I have 2 different browsers? Is it true that Firefox might not support some Java stuff?

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Firefox is available for free here, no strings...

    The Java plug in so sites like this one , can work is available. When you need the Java plug in, a prompt can take you to the proper web site. No sweat to install, takes about 10 seconds.

    Browser hi-jacks, data miners, and Java virus are all "installed" into your computer by visiting many web sites. Porn web sites are the worst, but gaming and many others are right up there.. Even shareware and adware sometimes has some of these components. I am sure I am not the only trader that occasionally visits "questionable" web sites, but I rarely do so on my trading computer. I also do not store any passwords, I enter them each time I visit my broker or bank.

    More about browser "hi-jacks" that IE has problems with....
  8. You do not have to uninstall IE, I disabled mine though in the menu. I also specified that "Firefox" be my default browser. I also took off the IE icon on my desktop.....I am through with IE.

    You can have two browsers, not sure why you would want to though.

    Firefox supports Java with the plugin. Web sites look and act the same as with IE.
  9. My Gris works better than both of yours... it is faster. :)

    So go google that!

    Michael B.

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    You can get FireFox (browser only) or Mozilla (browser, e-mail client, etc.) at It has fewer issues than IE. Among other things, I do not believe that browser hijacking is an issue with either Mozilla or FireFox. Also, with Mozilla (which I use) and presumably with FireFox also, you can configure the browser so as to block pop-up/pop-under windows and so forth.

    I personally use IE only for things like Windows update, and certain streaming ausio sites that I'm partial to.
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