Grinding trend during the day..

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    Hello girls and boys,
    I must admit I didn't( until right now..)clearly understood that trends comes in few shapes and size, and you must examine. Trends have personalities. You dond expect same price action in momentum and in grinding trend. Books show all kind of momentum price action. I find the ability to understand grinding trend very rewording. To understand when the foundation of the trend build. The actions is where there is no action
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    Very interesting... :) I assume it worked for you today, right? And was rewarding, not rewording, right? :)
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    If you say so. Let's say that you throw a small bundle into a sack 25 feet away, in beginning you are awful, you doing it 8 hours a day, whether you feel good or bad you throwing bundles all day long, after awhile you are numb to throw bundles, then cause you are so bored you start throwing at 30 feet. Trading is so very much like this as year pass, NOTHING alarms you, you have witnessed every type of pattern at least twice. You still have misses but overall, you are nearly perfect.
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    I was on the road traveling for family get together so didn't watch or trade markets but grinding trends SPBL and SPBR are relentless and grinding and are some of the strongest trends. Program buy if bull and program selling if bear.
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    You know what? The thread title is perfect for someone to point out and post the trendiest stock of the day. Some sort of competition. Although you said grind, we can just share the most trendiest...

    What should the criteria be?

    Slope of the trend with minor pullbacks respecting some sort of MA or % change on the day or ....?
  6. It's true.
    We read numerous reviews, we read books, we see some examples all the time and yet sometimes we have no idea what happens the moment we encounter some unusual things or events and we definitely think about what is happening and why it happened exactly in your path.
    I think that such things start to become clear at that moment when you start to practice a lot and when you start to notice some regularities at the feeling level, when you just feel the market and it's even difficult for you to understand some things at the mechanism level, but you know exactly what's going to happen and how it's going to happen.
    It's a bit like philosophy, but it really is.
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  7. Trends can indeed be different over time - and this needs to be analysed and studied separately.
    This is best understood when you look at data on long term timeframes, so if you really want to get a handle on it, you can look at different asset groups and explore this issue more actively. Also, a lot depends on how much of it is related to fundamental analysis and how much the news will affect the overall economic situation.
    I agree with the view that you have to study this in detail and individually - there is no general trend for everything that happens.
    On the other hand it can really be interesting, at least if you make big plans.