grinding day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by david666, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Odds favor a grinding up day today but if it fails it will fall quick however go long today and buy dips
  2. You're all welcome :)
  3. For what?
  4. Did the opposite. I covered my shorts this morning and went flat.
  5. You've become a stalker motherfucker go study my name some more
  6. So you're assuming we blindly follow some random poster's thoughts ?

    You're right ! I went long 100 ES contracts right after you made your recommendation. Thanks man !
  7. I've seen your recent trades...might be a good idea to start taking random posters trades because you couldn't do any worse
  8. Seeing as though I said I was long 5 SPY march puts at the close of Thursday, 2/17/11's trading day in the ES Journal, I don't understand how you could make that statement.
  9. Seems like you got several stop outs in the last week how many times did you get burned? Just chop right
  10. I was on vacation this week. Specified it the previous week in a thread. No stop outs, no burns :)
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