"Grim projections show Canada is on the brink of being overwhelmed by Covid-19"

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  1. I guess that just getting uppity with Americans about how Canadians have everything under control and that they do not get covid and it is does not spread there because.......well.....you know......Canadian values and all of that is not turning out to be much of pandemic strategy, eh?

    Wear your mask, eh?

    Toronto is moving back into lockdown after grim projections show Canada is on the brink of being overwhelmed by Covid-19.

    Canada's largest city will close most non-essential businesses and services, beginning Monday.

    Cases are rising across the country, and several other regions have had to increase restrictions.

    There are currently about 5,000 new cases of coronavirus a day across the country.

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    Dumb ass, the situation in Canada is WAY BETTER then what is going on in the US, the UK, Spain, ... . The US has over 200,000 cases whereas Canada has 5000. I know numbers confuse you easily. But thanks for that retarded take on things. We can always count on you for that.
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    Americans have truly gone even further down the rabbit hole and some of these idiots like TreeFrogTrader seek openly proud of their ignorance. I suppose we should just accept it is what it is and have a good laugh. I for one enjoyed seeing that Donald Trump Jr. contacted Covid just like dozens of invitees to one of his dad's super spreader events. The Trump lawsuits concerning "election fraud" are comical, the kind of events you expect in a banana republic. Some dumb asses are actually still betting on Trump to win the election.
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    Had seriously considered the trek up north and still am, given that Biden merely delays the inevitable and will be rather powerless w/o the Senate & SCOTUS. That, and gotta do it before Trudeau loses the next election. Something about paying taxes into this dumbassery just rubs me the wrong way you know?

    The weather tho....
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  6. How can people live in Canada? I believe they never really have a summer.

    And that my friends leads to low Vitamin D levels which are needed to fight the Wuhan Virus.
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    DUMB FUCK, Canada has far closer ties to the UK then the US. Toronto has far less Covid then most if not all of the US right now. Covid is "exploding" in the US.
  8. All virus's explode during the fall/winter. Nothing new. The media is making a big deal out of it like they do with anything.
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