Gregory Peck

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  1. Gregory Peck passed away today.

    I have strong memories of him, having played roles that spoke to a generation.

    The character of Atticus Finch, brilliantly played by Peck, was recently selected as the top heroic figure in the history of motion pictures.


    Another of my favorite performances of his was in "The Guns of Navarone."

  2. I hadn't heard that. Peck was indeed a true 'movie star"!
    (Mentioned this before...Guns of Navarone will always have a special place in my heart. Saw it the night I lost my virginity, 7/8/63 about 10:42 pm EDST:))

    David Brinkley died today as well. A televison news icon and a true pioneer in his field. Goodnight David.

  3. moffitt


    When it comes to Gregory Peck lets not forget .
    It's the white whale I seek.... Moby Dick a terrific movie.

    Then there was the Huntley Brinkley report. Goodnight Chet, Goodnight David.
  4. Will miss them both.

    :( :(
  5. It is amazing to me that it is very possible that the majority of people that post on ET have never heard "Good night Chet, good night David".

    Or for that matter: "And that's the way it was, today, (and the date), Cronkite's sign off.

    Now we have actors hired for their voices, looks and camera presence. Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings. Better than most, but no where near Cronkite, Huntley or Brinkley, Harry Reasoner, etc. :( During the 60's, I believe it is safe to say that Walter Cronkite could sway public opinion on almost any issue with just a facial expression. And he was voted as most trusted American in some long forgotten poll (Time? Life? Look?...something).

    Time passes.

  6. The Huntley-Brinkley Report's ceremonial closing, "Good night, David," "Good night, Chet" would have been heard for the last time on 1 August 1970, when Huntley retired from broadcasting, but Brinkley altered his words to "Good-bye, Chet." As he signed of, Huntley left his audience with one final plea: "Be patient and have courage--there will be better and happier news some day, if we work at it."

    The nobility of Peck and Huntley are what strike me, as I view the vast wasteland of the media and entertainment industry today.

    What would Chet Huntley think of the "Jerry Springer Show."

  7. That means in nearly a month you celebrate 40 years of wild sex.
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  9. Nah, subtract the married years, and it was only a measly 14 or 15 years of wild sex. :)
  10. Peck was a True Brother... he will be missed...
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