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  1. RIVETING. Authentic (...not that I can vouch for what's authentic over there) Same director as the Bourne series and same pulse pounding pace. It never lets up and cresendoes to the end like a philharmonic overture. That sentence is accurate, the final scenes
    step up your blood pressure and sweep your emotions up
    a notch. If it were a book you couldn't put it down as the saying goes. By now its known the theme centers around WMD's; its
    and old story that this film might do for the exhuming of what JFK did for the Kennedy assassination. Matt Damon goes rogue like noone's ever gone rogue. Defying THAT chain of command, to recon alleged storage sites of WMD, is like the devil telling God
    he's not into it and he's going to start his own franchise. And, the footage of Iraq is like nothing I've ever seen in all the years of media film I've seen of it. Aerial footage of Sadams palace, unless its computer driven, gives you a distinct sense of being there times. You get a fly on the wall perspective of a story we've watched for all these years, as if a story could actually have unfolded as the film depicts ...hence authentic. Of course the Damon character is fictional but a better point of view to tell this story from there isn't.. And there are Ring Wraiths.
  2. I watched the movie tonight and I thought it was very good (and I am former US Army active). There are portions of the movie that I really liked, as to how the competing factions within entities all play their "my dick is bigger than yours game". The competing ops between a Delta/SF unit and a regular Army WMD hunter team shows perfectly how outside factions manipulate the "game".......been there done that.

    For the most part, the U.S. Military has become "the bitch" for globalists directed chaos throughout the think they care about the young Americans who serve....HA! The one portion of the film that I thought was interesting as presented, was to make the CIA lead ops look like the "good guys" working their version of the game. The CIA is as dysfunctional as you can get, always the willing participant minions on the manipulated that part of the movie was a hard sell for me. Oh well, it was just Hollywood's inadequate attempt at guessing what is our realities. Overall I did like this movie though, so if it makes people THINK that will be a good thing imo.
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    I got alot of the same impressions. As if the CIA was going to blow the whistle on the whole thing like Damon ended up doing. Given the Bush history w/CIA they're more likely in the pentagon camp. It dawns on you as you watch the film that all these guys are sent over there, risk their lives and for what. So Bush can fulfill his fathers vendetta. I saw Damon and the director interviewed on Charlie Rose, the interview is probably up by now on that site, and they said nearly all of the troop extras were actual recruits. The film gave me the sense that I was invisible watching everything from the best seat in the house. Terrific filmmaking in all aspects.