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  1. Does anyone know how much Greenwich Capital ( charge for their research for a private investor?
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    why did you write this post instead of asking them directly?
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    Maybe if you give her an answer she doesnt want to hear, she'll spank you! :D
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    i was already spanked by a defender of the weak and the lazy.


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    Quote from zdreg:

    hasn't this subject been covered on number of threads.
    is the initiator of this thread incapable of doing a search?

    Are you incapable of just answering him instead giving him a rude response?

    please no more public spankings:D
  5. LOL! Its probably a guy anyway... :D
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    you are a dream buster. you deserve to be spanked: any preferences:)
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    what is a stock? whats trading all about then?

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    see what you have started. perhaps hundreds of fred bloggs on this board will now come out of the closet:)
  9. Well, you know how it is, whenever I see somoene posting on ET as a woman, I am always reminded of this cartoon...
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    line from the cartoon-"on the internet nobody knows you are a dog"

    are you sure?

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