GreenTree Trading.

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  1. Who here trades through GTT? Seems like a nice place if/when going prop. Any feedback or info would be appreciated from my fellow traders.


  2. So, no one trading at GTT?

  3. No, but that may mean that they are probably not Fast_Responding_Traders. :D
  4. You mean they're not watching ET 24x7? :eek:

    Might be a good sign :D

  5. xbrxx


    I've never traded at GreenTree Trading so cannot comment upon their services. I did however have the opportunity to check out their S.F. office a few months ago. Lets just say, it isn't the nicest prop trading floor out there, or should I say, trading roomsss. It was a small office space with 2 rooms with several computers in each. It seemed like they were out of space as they even placed computers in the hallways. Shrug. Didn't seem that great of a trading environment if you ask me. A nice group of guys, but not the kind of place you wanna spend hours and hours trading at.

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    That isn't quite true as the office has 5 rooms and the main room. Actually it is true that we were running out of space that's why we opened a 2nd trading floor in the same building
  7. WHat Tom said is true. We didnt exactly amticipate the growth when we got the office space. But we are currently in the process of setting up a new trading floor down the hall from the current office. This will be more like a trading floor. One big room, with all the workstations by each other. If anyone has any questions on GreenTree, please fell free to PM Tom, or I.
  8. I'm more interested in Remote trading, so the office setup doesn't matter. I have a pretty nice office at home :)

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    Things must have changed a lot since I went there. I should probably drop on by and take a look again. But last time I was there, it was pretty sad.
  10. The environment has become quite good at GTT. The San Francisco office is relatively new and at first it was disorganized and cluttered. But now they've got a nice setup, and as mentioned in previous posts, GTT is adding a second trading room in the same building which is a big open room with no walls separating the different rooms...much more like a traditional trading room. IMHO, the environment at GTT is very supportive and responsive to the needs of its traders.
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