Greenspan's PhD a fraud?

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  1. So says Robert Auerbach in his new book, Deception and Abuse at the Fed: Henry B. Gonzalez Battles Alan Greenspan's Bank.

    Here is an article about it on Barron's:

    Auerbach, who has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago (Nobel laureate Milton Friedman was his thesis adviser), kept requesting access to the papers until NYU's provost, David McLaughlin, finally admitted in August 2005 that, "I can tell you that it was the practice of the business school, during the 1970s, not to deposit dissertations with the library. Thus, a copy of Greenspan's dissertation is not in the Bobst Library. We suggest that you contact Greenspan directly in order to obtain a copy of his dissertation."

    Writes Auerbach: "Evidently, he wanted me to believe that NYU business Ph.D.s just took their dissertations home and put them in a drawer."

    Auerbach says in a footnote that he made no request to Greenspan for a copy because "the publication of a scholarly addition to existing knowledge is the obligation of the university and the Ph.D. candidate."

    Barron's is not bound by such academic niceties and requested a copy from Greenspan, as well as a response to Auerbach's assertions. The Maestro's spokeswoman told us that his busy travel schedule precluded him from getting back to us in time for our deadline. As for two inquires to the provost, they went unanswered.