Greenspan's Phd a fraud

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  1. Who cares?
  2. The "Liar Economy"
  3. I used to watch him on tv with the sound off, his facial expressions always looked like he was taking a crap.
  4. Huh, Greenbubble is a scam artist.

    Who'd a thunk.
  5. And the biggest turd in the bottom of the bowl grew up to be Bernanke.
  6. man


  7. Barron's apparently asked him directly to respond.

    He claims he doesn't have time to refute serious allegations from a major publication with a large circulation, because he's "traveling"?

    Come on.
  8. "Greenspan's 1977 Ph.D. from New York University was obtained in a few months with little more rigor than a matchbook-cover art degree..."

    Who thinks his graduation drawing was of Timmay D Turtle?
  9. dont


    How can his thesis not be available?

    Are they running a banana university at NYU I have never heard of such a thing.

    Its bad for their reputation and all there alumni
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