Greenspan the Master.

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  1. This guy is good.
  2. In the kitchen? In bed?

    Give us some specifics on what, exactly, he's good at. :)
  3. At crushing market volatility. Less than a month before he goes away. Hopefully we find out that Bernanke likes happy hour too much or that he has Tourette's Syndrome. Of that he is in cahoots with the Trilateral Commission.:mad:
  4. He is another Soros. A true master of the markets.
  5. :confused:
  6. This guy has created more wealth for America than all other Fed Governers combinged.

    Now he is manufacturing the perfect soft-landing for the housing markets.
  7. Greenspan is the most irresponsible Fed chief ever. See what happened to the $ since 2001 as he lowered interest rate 13 times in a row in order to prevent a sagging stock market. What he has achieved is a weak currency and a rediculous overvalued and dangerous stock market -which he knows it is but he doesn't dare to say it! The coward!
  8. Look at corporate profits and the household sector wealth created in real estate, americans are richer than ever before...

  9. paper tiger
  10. so you can trade better than him i take it.

    you can manage the worlds largest economy single handedly.

    its so funny that people on this site think they are even 1% of his abilities.
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