Greenspan Speach time?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Luto, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Does anyone know when these ends ?
    Congress tomorrow?
    Banking committe next day?

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    But what time does it END?
  4. whatever time it ends lets hope it brings some volitility and movement into this otherwise stagnent situation
  5. i hope today isn't one of those days where the market goes nowhere. :-/
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    When the Senators and Congressmen decide to get off their soap boxes.

  7. For those that follow the offset of YM04H offset against the cash (INDU), the offset is now telegraphing.

    Squeese/stretch is now 9 to 15 yesterday and week before it was 14 to 24.

    P, V today is showing corresponding values (they corroberate the shift in offset.).
  8. Grob,

    I have no idea what you are saying.. Is this bullish info. or bearish..

    seeing the market now I hope it was bullish and you were long.. I was long the NQ but bailed way too quickly..
  9. By Alan Greenspan lasts for 2-days.

    The Treasury Auction also concludes tomorrow with the auction of $16 billion in 10-year notes, after $16 billion of 5-year notes are auctioned today.
  10. I'm sidelined now. My ES exit went in @ 52 even and I had slippage.

    Monitoring smart money is important. Today you see that on the open smart moeny did not follow the cash at all. The open changed the offset twice in 30 minutes. First when the cash fell off and second when the cash recovered.

    I reported the facts after the second cash move.

    We all knew that Greenspan causes a four part opportunity. See the announcement thread where I outlined this a while back for the stuff coming up this week. Now at 11:30 we are in part 2 with one stall and then a BO from the stall. You Knew that Part 1 was going to be telegraphed. It was by the contraction (that means making it less) of the offset. This is a "squeese" being telegraphed. "Squeese" means "long".

    So by seeing all of this, on ES you enter around 42 plus or minus. You see the volume go to VDU (very dry up) because of the risk felt by people who are average traders. You know that the low volume entry you make is part of getting ready to make money when the public does it's thing at 11:00. This means the public follows smart money by going long.

    you calbrate the Parts in time using part I duration.

    Don't worry if you do not get what I am saying. 4 out of 5 people think making money the way I do is bull$hit. It just happens to be a very efficient way of getting rich.
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