Greenspan: No easy answers for long-term rate drop

Discussion in 'Economics' started by traderlivermore, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Maybe it's an idiot running the federal reserve
  2. otto


    Its most likely both.
  3. It's the bond market's way of paying respect to our beloved Fed chairman.
  4. yeah. i'm sure you could a much better job.
  5. He could be saying to himself "Just 6 more months. Come on Baby just hold on for 6" :)
  6. Greenspan woke up one third Friday in JAN in a classroom at Berkeley several years ago. The quote was.." We are no longer an island in a sea of turmoil".

    Since then, the US has buried itself, tradgically in policies based upon ideals instead of "running the numbers". Greenspan is trying valiently to keep running the numbers but he is soloing nowadays; its not going to work out much longer in any sense for his efforts. An appointment of an idealist by Bush, will really sink the ship. Its funny why no one in DC thought up how to manage the global economy when the US had the chance. Wolfowitz was a real turd in the punch bowl recent appointment, for example.

    From a money making point of view, no problems. From a wealth retention point of view it will, as usual, take some very good position trading and really knowing how and where to "park" big personal money.

    The US dominos will be starting with health care. The recent increases of 66.60 to 78.20 to 89.20 are plays on just 25% of the 80% that medicare B pays. Running annual initial increase of 17.2 % to pay for 25% of 80% of real costs is a very strong harbinger......of dominos all lined up and starting to fall.