Greenspan Knighted - but we can't call him "Sir" ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nitro, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. nitro


    I heard on CNBC that Greenspan got knighted, but he will not be called Sir. However, he can put KBE next to his name.

    This is outrageous. I think Al should refuse the title - either they call him Sir, or they can take their stinking Knighting back!

    nitro :mad:
  2. Babak


    Its an honorary title not a real one .... kinda like when Bush got that degree from Yale.


    Gotta add that if Greenie was a market, this would be a sign of a top!

    He was knighted "for outstanding contribution to global economic stability". :D :D LMAO
  3. MrDinky


    Hmmm... if that's the case, then I think we should all be knighted too.

    (Then I'll change my username to Sir Dinky.)

  4. The entire subject of official titles is asinine - you can even buy them online now:

    I love this line:

    "Become a genuine Lord, Lady, Baron, Viscount ... make your dreams come true in this lifetime, not the next!"
  5. stu


    well I heard that the Queen knighted him 'cause she was short on Nas, but won't let him use Sir as she doesn't want anyone to find out.

    He's going to look bloody stupid on his charger riding down Wall St in full armour shouting "Tally-Ho Chaps"