Greenspan = Herbert Hoover

Discussion in 'Economics' started by waggie945, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. This guy comes on yesterday and advocates cutting spending and trying to get the budget deficit down, during a RECESSSION for God's sake!

    And now, he looks back and says that we should not have cut taxes, admitting that the "bubble" in the stockmarket was throwing off tremendous tax revenues.

    Jesus, when will people wake-up to the fact that Greenspan is leading us down an anti-growth path.

    This is getting dangerous for the Economy and the Markets!!!
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    The politicians should cut their wasteful spending too. The politicians think that the American people are a frickin ATM machine. The only thing the politicians care about is their reelections and not the American people. And greenspun should resign.
  3. cutting spending is "anti-growth" only if you're a Keynsian. For people who believe in free markets, cutting spending is fiscal responsibility.

    People, not governments, make markets.
  4. After hearing recent comments from Alan Greenspan in the last several months, it has become very apparent that Greenspan must go!

    This guy has lost all economic and business reality. He does not deserve all the praise he gets from the media and members of Congress.

    Allan you must GO!
  5. I could not have said it any better myself.

    Greenspan admits as early as 1996 that there was a "bubble" in the stockmarket, yet he then backtracks to save his ass by telling the public and Congress that he could not do anything about avoiding this bubble.

    Gee, the last time I checked, the Federal Reserve Board was in charge of setting margin rates . . .


    Alan's time has come and gone.
    Time for someone that has a much more "realistic" feel to the Economy!