Greenspan Eats A Peanut

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  1. Greenspan eats a peanut. Soy Futures are up.
  2. Last time I checked, peanuts and soybeans were two different things.
  3. Now you know why they had the PDT rules in place..:)
  4. If Greenspan said that, soy futures would drop.

    You said it, so it makes no difference
  5. PDT rules don't affect futures

    Have a peanut
  6. Im just kidding with you man...It's just that we've been debating PDT for so long I don't know what else to talk about.
  7. Not to bring you down...but PDT rules are not needed at the moment with futures because there is supposed to be stringent due diligence by the firm on suitability and experience...if all the PDT affect traders run to futures and the complaint start flowing will have them there on it
  8. Have a soybean then

    See why Greenspan ate a peanut instead?
  9. you guys lost me there...
  10. me and Hi were debating PDT rules for two days on another thread....old habits die hard.
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